Have you recently purchased a Belkin N300 router? If yes, then you might be wanting to setup on the network. Well, with the help of the above mentioned steps, you can easily setup even without requiring a CD. The only requirement is a computer with a proper internet connection. Enter the IP address of your router and start the process.



How to Setup Belkin N300 Router On Your Internet And Start Enjoying Uninterrupted Browsing?


To enjoy uninterrupted internet services on any smart device, you must configure the router first on your network. Here, we are talking of Belkin N300 model which can be configured either using installation CD or through the online guided manual. To start with the steps, you need to power cycle all the network devices, then proceed further.

Disconnect power adapter of both the devices from the power socket to turn them off. Wait for 10 seconds and plug the devices again to the supply. You will notice orange power light start blinking. Hook-up the router to the modem now with the help of Ethernet cable provided with Belkin box.

Power on modem followed by Belkin router. If you have turned off your modem from the power button, then press to turn on.

Without wasting any time, we are now going to move further discussing the steps with you. You can configure the BelkinN300 router through these steps. Read the steps carefully.

  1. Attach your computer to the router with the help of Ethernet cable. This cable can be easily connected to the Ethernet port of your computer which you will find at the back of the CPU.
  2. Launch browser, it can be any like Firefox, Internet Explorer or chrome. Enter the IP address of your Belkin router in the address space.
  3. Tap ‘Enter’.
  4. The default IP address of your Belkin router is otherwise, you can check it from the sticker pasted at the back of the hardware.
  5. After entering the IP address, Hit ‘Enter’. A login page will be displayed on a screen where you need to enter the username and password.
  6. Once you login to the page, there is a need to enter the ‘Security type’. You can select any security option according to your preference.
  7. The available SSL types are PPTP, Static and PPPoE. These settings are accessible under the ‘SSL’ or ‘WAN’ option.
  8. Click ‘Next’.
  9. You will find two boxes on the next screen where you need to enter the necessary information.
  10. Do save the settings before closing the window otherwise, all settings will be lost.

You can now start browsing the internet on any smart device having Wi-Fi capability. If you want to check the current status of the internet, go to ‘top corner’ of the screen. Here, all the details will be displayed on the screen.

To bypass all settings for a moment, click on ‘Belkin setup page’ straightforwardly.

The below-mentioned sections will be displayed under ‘Setup page’.

To make any changes later on in your Belkin router, you can log in again with the default username and new password.