You can connect as many numbers of devices to the router you want at a time provided, you must know the SSID and password of your router login and the router must be configured on the network. If you have recently bought a router and want to connect smart devices to it, then first configure it with the help of steps mentioned above. Besides this, to get answers to your problem you can also contact the Belkin router experts.

In What Ways You Can Connect Smart Android Devices To The Belkin Router?

You can’t connect your android smart device directly to the router unless you configure it first. Well, we are going to suggest the ways by which you can configure and connect your smart device to the router. To get the best performance of your router, follow the steps mentioned below:

1.Place router next to the modem with least distance.

2.Don’t leave your router in open area or at a location nearby metal objects.

3.Mitigate channel interference by placing the router above the floor level.

Configuring process:

1.Disconnect modem provided by the internet service provider from the power supply.

2.Connect the router to the modem with the help of Ethernet cable.

3.Now turn on the modem and wait for some minutes till it gets booted.

4.Connect the power adapter of your router to the supply and to the router itself.

5.In step 5, connect the router to the computer using LAN Ethernet cable.

Note: By default, the SSID of your router is ‘Router brand along with the 4 characters of model number’. This is the simplest and easiest one to remember. We recommend you to change it as early as possible as the password and the username can be easily guessed. You must set strong security Phrase for the router’s SSID.

6.After configuring the router, you can start connecting devices to the home network without any problem.

Connecting Android smart devices to the router

The steps are bit different for the different OS installed on a smart device. We are now going to discuss steps with respect to Android OS be it smartphone or tablet.

Android is the most popular OS used these days because of its easy user-interface on smartphone and tablet. Read the following steps to connect the android devices to the router.

ØFirst of all, confirm the internet connection whether it is working fine or not.

ØTo get details of router username and password, go to ‘Settings’ of your Belkin router.

ØClick on ‘3 horizontal lines’ from the Android home screen.

ØA menu will be opened, from there go to ‘Settings’.

ØClick on ‘Network and devices’. Select ‘Wi-Fi’.

ØYour device will start searching for available Wi-Fi network.

ØSelect Belkin’s SSID and enter passkey to connect.

ØWait for some seconds till the details get verified.

ØYou will get ‘connected’ message on the screen.

Start browsing any website or watch videos of your choice from YouTube on your device flawlessly. If the speed of the internet is not proper, you may find the problem in streaming videos. In that case, you can contact your ISP.

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